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Brian Stevens and Johnny Fowler are on the road making their way from Nashville TN to Houston TX.  Today we check in on them and see what’s going on in Mississippi.



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"Brian on the Road Part 1"

  1. Bernie says:

    your having way too much fun Brian! Those antebellum homes are so beautiful. You have successfully destroyed Gone with the Wind for me now. Every time I see mammy I am going to see Obama. The original actress is 10 times better looking than Obama and OMG seriously you have desecrated Scarlett O’Hara for life.

  2. Lori says:

    Which is why I’m not crazy about your politics with a business only slant. If you have grown up during a movement where you saw women get credit for the first time, this is a big damn deal. But, it’s all about the loans right?

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