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BREAKING NEWS: David Stevens – FHFA is Creating a Crisis

Share this video with your House Reps!  Mark Calabria of FHFA is completely out of touch with the consequences of his policies regarding servicing and forbearance matters within the mortgage industry.  PLEASE SEND this interview, make your calls and send your emails.  The non-banking mortgage industry is literally on the verge of collapse, with the exception of the big banks of course.  All non-bank lenders and mortgage brokers are at imminent risk right now.  ACT TODAY!

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"BREAKING NEWS: David Stevens – FHFA is Creating a Crisis"

  1. Answer: Not enough of them in Admin, who can’t be bothered, or on the Hill, who are GSE clueless.

  2. Jenn Klarman says:

    Thank you Dave! Thank you Brian and Frank! I have forwarded it to NAR, Maryland REALTORS, our local Association (Anne Arundel County Association of REALTORS) and our Broker, Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. Totally agree, we need a call-to-action!

  3. FHFA needs to fix this or non-bank lenders could potentially run out of money.

  4. I very much appreciate the effort, time and transparency in your recent posts as well Mr. Stevens, Mr. Habib and the work AIMEE is involved with. You guys have truly stepped up and seem to understand the plight. I remember 2008 vividly, the length and dept of the contraction which took some by surprise have similarities to today’s issues. However, folks need to take heed of Mr. Stevens call to action to protect the small/mid sized operators and brokers. So far today there is a push for direct help and protection of the consumer and small entities, that effort has to be consistent. It is refreshing to see that too big to fail is not the driving force to mitigate the current affairs. Thank you Mr. Stevens, I heard your plea.

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