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Brady Bunch Home Value Strong as Values Slip in 35 States



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"Brady Bunch Home Value Strong as Values Slip in 35 States"

  1. Both of the topics lead to the same resolutions, an appraisal should be done upfront. Yes all data in my area is showing a decline, yet people who are buying don’t seem to be aware of that and their being represented by real estate agents, offering over 100k above comps in some cases, from a “handful” of buyers (a handful does not = a market). In the case of the Brady House, both parties had atypical motives, to make a party house or make a fix-up show, they were both willing to pay a premium for their special, atypical use. After the show has been produced by HGTV, it will be another typical house in the neighborhood with Brady history. A buyer should know what their house is worth as a typical, functional house with typical intended use, in the neighborhood. This way a buyer will know the amount of “risk” their taking when paying a “premium” for special use or celebrity. The shenanigans of the listing agent is another reason an appraisal should have been done first. As someone else stated, this is just one of many types of shenanigans agents do that has promoted flat fee brokerage. http://therealestatesalesadvocate.com/real-estate-news/real-estate/time-give-backward-real-estate-buying-process?ref_lead_source=fb&fbts=1527466940

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