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Our blazing economy is killing our First Time Home Buyers…



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"Blazing Economy Killing FTHBs"

  1. Norm says:


  2. Larwrence Walsh says:

    The answer is Trump, because good perception is 80% of a good economy. But its a band-aid on a wound that needs stitches. The bottom line, is the main objective for business, governing a country deals with a whole lot more than that. Greed kills! From what we’ve witnessed over the past year, why would anyone believe Trump or most Republicans! All of their actions are about me, me, me, not country. Republicans should have nominated John Kasich

  3. Leo says:

    BTW, the repeal of the Obamacare Mandate will make new Insurance products available and give us all more choice and more ways to manage our health insurance. This will benefit the young and the healthy. Those of us who have issues may be cast to the curb when Obamacare collapses under it’s own weight if nothing further is done. Only those with pre-existing conditions and subsidies will sign up.

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