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The family of Beverly Carter feels her company failed in their operating procedures.  Could this change real estate office policy across the board?



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"Beverly Carter May Change Real Estate Office Policy"

  1. Jason Leeb says:

    I solved this problem a long time ago. If you’re going to work with me as a buyer you’re not only going to have a pre qual letter even a loan commitment letter you’re also going to sign a buyer broker agreement and deposit $5,000 into my Brokers escrow.

  2. Michele says:

    How can a Broker dictate to an Agent how they are to conduct their business? They are independent contractors. I have sent out safety information, attended safety workshops and some of the agents I work with still go out alone to show property. And thinking a pre-qualification is protection is unrealistic with our advanced technology. A client can go online and basically issue their own pre-approval letter without ever talking to, much less appearing in front, of a loan officer. I know you know this!

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