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additional comments on
"Who is better for the RE Industry? Trump or Hillary?"

  1. Nick Venuto says:

    You have to be kidding me lets forget about our industry for a minute who is better for the Country

  2. Too many rules that we face today leaves us in poverty just like it did in Communist countries which gives government big pockets and people poor! Worst yet the designer doesn't necessarily have to abide given their deep pockets and who they know. Poor example of our society and it is "Do as I say not as I do"

  3. I agree with the notion that the CFPB has got to go. Ex post facto regulations, such as the CFPB has wrought upon our industry are plain unconstitutional: Bad for our industry, bad for our Country too.

  4. This is where we expect a Mortgage Professional and/or RE Agent to remove all other emotions from the conversation and we are asking them to think for just one moment on who or which side will procure their profession better, and give a better atmosphere in which will allow for more Home Ownership and a better atmosphere for Lenders to create programs or Lend on ones that already exist without the threat of being fined in a ridiculous manner or shut down by an agency who has no oversight and who plays, judge, jury, and executioner. I'm not sure that is plausible because so many are brainwashed on media and social media and have the attention span of 73 seconds, so sound bites and "news" (speeches taken out context) becomes their political Bible. OR, they simply enjoy biting off their nose to spite their face.

  5. Hope the CFPB can be removed. Itis fueled by the Federal Reserve (which no one must forget who actually set this up). We bailed out the banks , they wanted this to remove the brokers through unfair competition. Now Jamie Dimon is crying that mortgaging is not profitable. They are borrowing and have been borrowing at virtually nothing. Watch out last time they screamed the sky is falling no one bothered to look at what was really happening. We have opportunity for appreciation but the appriasers being given certain instructions to have to follow USPAP includes receiving a contract for sale to check concessions.DON'T BLAME THE APPRAISERS! Why not just set the penalties so outrageously for not putting the concessions but leave the contract out. AMAZING HOW HOMES AREN'T GOING UP WHEN YOU HAVE TO USE ONLY CLOSED COMPARABLES? A HOME IS WORTH WHAT A BUYER IN A UNFETTERD MARKET IS WILLING TO PAY. SUPPLY AND DEMAND. LOW SUPPLY HIGH DEMAND. SERIOUSLY?WE HAVE STRONG LOCAL ECONOMY AND HAVE HAD THIS OVER BY BMW. WE HAVE A GOVERNOR THAT BRINGS IN INDUSTRY NOT CHASES IT OUT. OR DO YOU STAY WITH THE SAME OLD THINKING THAT LEAD TO OUR KIDS BEING KILLED BECAUSE THEY WERE ABANDONED BY HILLARY. SHE SHOULDN'T BE RUNNING SHE SHOULD BE IN JAIL, OR BETTER YET MAYBE WE COULD LEAVE HER ABANDONED IN ANOTHER COUNTRY!!!

  6. At the very least, the CFPB should be retooled in order to make it accountable to SOMEONE. Right now, it seems we are faced with a runaway train that cannot be stopped!

  7. As much as I would like my vote to come down to what is dear and close to me (i.e., things related to housing and real estate), this election is bigger than my problems. The way I look at it, if The Donald wins, it's WW3. And if Hilary wins, it's more bad governance and big government believing in the importance of more bigger government. Unfortunately, I cannot vote for the The Douche. So this Republican is voting Democrat. Ugh.

  8. TRUMP is exactly what this country needs to stop at least most of the graft – we the little people whose breaking back support this country need some help and a break that only Trucp can provide!

  9. Carl McLean says:

    Go ahead, vote for hillary, but before you do, check what home sales in Venezuela are.

  10. This video was not accurate. I received an email from the National Association of Realtors, showing that Hillary is the better choice for the real estate industry.

  11. Actually its very accurate, HRC is pounding her chest around and making speeches that if you are Black or Mexican, your loan is taking longer. She is a horrible individual that will do and say anything to get the uneducated minority population. She and Bernie are part of that problem.

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