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Better.com CEO Slams Mortgage Brokers

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"Better.com CEO Slams Mortgage Brokers"

  1. Scott Johnson says:

    Barry hit it on the head. We, the industry, have to do a better job being an advisor, deliver better service. It’s about mixing old school, Barry Habib, Todd Duncan and others, with today’s tech and use them together to deliver a better experience to the consumer. Show me that company and I’m in.

  2. Scott F says:

    Haha thats classy interviewed on CNBC in a hoodie real professional. And how do they charge no commissions thats BS they make it out of the rate like a majority of brokers. Theyre backed by Goldman and Citi dont the banks have enough of the business. What about the banks owning own AMCs

  3. Scott F says:

    Opps that was Barry in a hoodie haha nevermind

  4. Randy G says:

    Better.com is not competition. I had a fthb referral from one of my agents. He had talked with better.com and kept quoting them. Not only were their rates high, they simply pre-qualled my buyer by simply pulling his credit without permission and then wouldn’t provide him his scores. Further they were putting him solely into an fha loan because on the surface, he had limited funds for down pmt. They didn’t educate, didn’t seek his objectives, nor analyze or assess the best options for him. . Winning that business was easy peasy. The weak will attack their competition. Nothing more needs said.

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