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If Ben had his way back when he was running the Fed Reserve, some CEO’s and Wall Street cats would be doing some jail time.

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"Ben Bernanke Tells ALL in New Book"

  1. Bernanke is a complete JOKE. He raised rates the 15, 16 and 17th consecutive time at a time when he should have paused back in 2005 -2006. Then he should have been lowering rates much sooner than he did and then he found out he missed the boat and started making emergency .75 point cuts. That is complete negligence. ON HIS PART. Our economists were way out in front of this and were laughing out loud when Bernanke would give his depiction of the economy. Remember the comment "Sub Prime is contained." The room burst out in laughter at that comment. He was sleeping at the wheel. All proceeds of the book should go tho the families he put out on the street.

  2. Per Mike Butler a big time Real Estate guy in Louisville, KY. Part of ones Federal Flood Insurance premium is diverted to help pay Obamacare? You should check this out. http://www.askmikebutler.com

  3. Gene O'Brien says:

    the video is not loading

  4. Even in jest, your suggestion that people with flood ravaged homes and lacking flood insurance, should consider burning their homes, is/was irresponsible. Unfortunately, there are some out there who figuring they have lost everything, have nothing to lose by taking up your suggestion!

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