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Today we have Barry Habib once again filling us in on the latest housing and interest rate news.

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"Barry Habib Talks Housing and Rates"

  1. Richard Thornhill says:

    Good insights. Interesting idea about listing a little below market value to achieve same results of more money for the seller by multiple offers.

  2. Ira Bland says:

    My theory is inventory levels will not substantially increase until at least one of the following two things happen. First, local government officials must make it easier to build new homes (e.g., reduce permit fees, change zoning, stop listening to NIMBY’s who want to restrict growth, etc.). Second, high numbers of baby-boomers begin dying off in about the same 4-7 year timeframe. Many own their homes (with or without a mortgage remaining) and when they pass, the heirs will say “show me the money” after debts of the deceased are paid. And of course, many seniors have done reverse mortgages so when the last survivor passes, the house must be sold.

    1. Ann Wilkins says:

      Ira – you are so right about inventory increasing with the death of baby boomers. The last three homes that my client’s wrote on were all trust or probate sales. We finally got in contract last week with an awesome fixer that the same couple had lived in for 50 years.

  3. Orlando Barnabei says:


    It’s been a couple of decades. You’re looking good. Congrats on your continued success!

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