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Today Barry Habib talks about the Feds slow down of bond purchases.  There is an article that doesn’t really get it right out there and Barry lets us know what’s really going on.

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"Barry Habib Talks Feds Slow Down of Bond Purchases"

  1. Dana Mundy says:

    Always great to hear from Barry – love the casual look. I think this is the first time that I have seen Barry sans tie….

  2. Sean D says:

    Barry, I have a question, where does the hundreds of billions of dollars of profit from QE 1 – 13 actually go? Does this money go back to the Treasury? Or does the private Central Bank record this as profit after creating the money to buy the bonds out of thin air? I assume there must be massive profits on this with record low defaults and lates.

  3. Richard Conway says:

    Great show today! I am still waiting to get an update on the pulled report from last week titled, “Brokers Shutting Down Feeds to Sites Like Zillow”. Is there an update?

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