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There are a bunch of things to talk about this fine Monday and we’ve got our special guest Barry Habib here to talk Fed’s, EU and rates.  Tune in to see how it will impact you and your business.

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"Barry Habib Talks Feds – EU – Rates"

  1. PHed…. nailed it Barry. Why would they worry when the $200K paychecks and pensions are guaranteed?

  2. Kt Eckardt says:

    BARRY HABIB FOR PRESIDENT!!!! YOU THINK I'M KIDDING????? He speaks without hesitation which I love about Trump but Trump needs to be Habib! Hillary is pre-pre-pre-rehearsed, has to make sure make sure make sure, but can't, and forget about no man left behind…and for all the good she is, to me she has no business sense which is high time somebody does in them thar DC hills. We need our national wallet back, our jobs overseas back, our mortgage companies here n ot ten trillion circles around the globe to people who have no clue the 10 you spoke to yesterday. We need our own money to do anything, and we need people to have their own wallets to buy houses, get loans, pay loans–what a concept, and survive what appears to be the onset of the next recession. Barry needs to be in the White House to make the necessary changes on Wall Street without crippling it or disincentivizing the economy. We don't need to reinvent the wheel, just keep it going round. Love you guys to pieces! You're IT. If and when I get to vote again, Barry's my write in, you bet. Not to fear your gut even you're not God, not to worry. Nobody else here has a remote clue.

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