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Barry Habib Shows Cash Out Home Run!




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"Barry Habib Shows Cash Out Home Run"

  1. paul benezra says:

    Where is the link?

  2. Diego Pelayo says:

    Is the first $100k cash out still tax free, and now that their short terms debt is included in their mortgage can be used as a write off?

  3. Richard Zuk says:

    The program you used to illustrate the benefits of cash out available to download?

  4. Mike Sturdyvin says:

    Interested in Link I can send to data base about cash out refi benefits.

  5. Bob Sweeney says:

    Is the calculator on the MBS Highway?

  6. Jack Martin says:

    This is a new spin on an old idea. It will be used and abused by folks with credit card debt. The smart investor with a comfortable income could refinance his residence and buy units with cash flow, but that person already has money management skills and would never increase his primary home interest rate and go back to square one with respect to principle pay down. I know Barry knows this, it is just a “Hail Mary” to give loan officers one more gasp of air.

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