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Barry Habib on Zillow Mortgage




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"Barry Habib on Zillow Mortgage"

  1. Scott McCullough says:

    Great Zillow ad , just kidding ! Glad to see you are still at it Barry . No matter where they go for a home loan it is still TSA Underwriting out there . The consumer is being lied to that certain non brick and mortar originating mortgage sources are basically all the same . The internet lenders sell snake oil . It will come back some day that the consumer learns to stay close and get better service . The advertised mortgage lender is nothing new , It has been around forever , Lending Tree was never a threat , take a look at Dietech and Quicken , Zillow is no threat to anyone never will be . Quicken is a large servicing company now but if yo take wholesale out they are not doing much volume that actually closes . Remember Dietech ? Well they flied BK. What comes around goes around . Thanks

  2. Tammy says:

    You guys keep pushing Angel Oak but hand you actually tried to broker a loan through them?
    I actually have and they are a nightmare to deal with.

    1. admin says:

      We have lots of feedback from many brokers who love Angel Oak. If you’ve had a negative experience with them I suggest reaching out to them and seeing if they can make things work for you going forward.

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