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The Fed’s are meeting tomorrow and what they “say” will have an impact on what will happen with rates.  Tune in to today’s show to see what market expert Barry Habib has to say about it.

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"Barry Habib on Tomorrows Fed Meeting"

  1. Jack Martin says:

    What our country really needs to do is lower corporate tax, as ours is one of the highest in the world, another reason why US corporations outsource overseas.

  2. Joe Prevost says:

    Barry Habib and the MBS Highway team is the best. Incredible information for a value price. If you are doing loans you are foolish to not have his service!

  3. Don Thompson says:

    In referance to the housing market… What does "a lot more to go" mean? One, Two years? Seems to me we are at the top of an up market.

  4. Russ Bragg says:

    Our tax system is based on the Constitution, not what other countries rates are.

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