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Today we have Barry Habib on the tax plan.



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"Barry Habib on the Tax Plan"

  1. Marc says:

    well, if you own you never stop paying taxes, and thats like paying rent to the government

  2. John Deleva says:

    Barry why are there write off’s to begin with? Tax write off’s/incentives traditionally have been used to drive behavior/choice. Yes many will see more in their take home, the question is what will they do with the additional dollars…tax incentive’s drive behavior/choice Barry. Yes there are plenty of remaining reasons to purchase but taking away the MCC and tax deductibility of purchasing a home will definitely impact the math and therefore the decision to buy and how much one will buy.

  3. Rick says:


    Thanks for the great break down of the tax plan. Great information to share with clients. Much better than NAR scare tactics. By the way, sweet Ferrari. Glad to see your hard work has paid off.

  4. john angel says:

    Will I be able to deduct property tax on my rental property ?

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