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There is so much going on right now with the Stock Market, Housing, Rates and Oil.  What does it all mean to you?  Tune in to today’s show and find out from our great friend Barry Habib.  And don’t forget to give MBS Highway a try by CLICKING HERE.



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"Barry Habib on Rates Housing and Stocks February 2016"

  1. But Obama keeps saying its all good. Not only did he give everyone a job he also parted the red sea. Shame on you for bring up the pesky facts.

  2. Bernie says:

    Good Morning – I agree with a great deal of what Mr. Habib is saying except one, the jobs market. Per the US Labor Board the participation rate is at a low we have not seen since the Great Depression with 120 million Americans not participating in the work force or the equivalent of 37.4% which is the real unemployment rate. Food stamps receipients is at an all time high. There are more people receiving some sort of welfare assistance than ever before. Do you not wonder why so many members of the Black Lives Matter group can just march and protest whenever they want to? They do not have jobs, this is their job! The food lines at my local food banks and my church are getting longer not shorter and more illegal immigrants are flooding San Diego. San Diego’s homeless population is growing not getting smaller. I see more and more people living on my streets in North San Diego County. The other day there were 2 young people sleeping on the streets in Encinitas, California right near the I-5 overpass and 4 more pushing shopping carts in the local Vons center begging for help. I do not care about academics. I care that so many people are without jobs and loosing every thing and our Governor, our President, our Congressional representatives are not doing anything to help.
    On Dec. 21st I checked the foreclosures for my area, there were 20. On Jan. 21st I rechecked the same area there were 56 foreclosures. I just checked again and there are now 65 foreclosures for the same area in North County San Diego. I do not see what you are talking about. I see reality.

  3. David Means says:

    Hey Barry, I'm concerned about this no facial hair thing. Is that a reflection of the economy?

  4. Dora Griffin says:

    Very informative about the market, jobs, etc. This validates my feeling that the economy is not doing so great. Who would not think the uptick in employment numbers around the holidays was seasonal and who believes an uptick is not in service related jobs. Only those spinning the numbers. Manufacturing left our shores a long time ago and that is a problem. The way inflation is calculated is a joke. Leaving out oil is just silly. Other than gasoline at the pump we don't see prices roll back when oil drops. Who has seen their phone, cable, food costs go down. Exactly no one. And now in our business we have higher underwriting fees and higher appraisal fees. Until we stop allowing billionaires buy elections and send someone to Washington to represet we the people; not to mention wage increases, we are screwed as far as economic recovery.

  5. Dora Griffin. What is this "until we stop allowing billionaires buy (sic) elections and send someone to Washington to represet (sic) we the people, not to mention wave increases"? The government needs to get out of our lives as much as possible. Limited government is the way we were founded. Do you expect some savior to come along and force businesses to pay more for the same work, and not pay attention to their bottom line? How many people have to lose their jobs because businesses go out of business? Did I misunderstand your response?

  6. The government has depressed values. Having had my CREA since 1979 truthfully on a purchase unincumbered or not influenced on a direct purchase as a transaction at arms length a home is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for this. The problem lies in the financing . Had several sales and a large lack of inventory thta fell apart because the BANKS APPRAISAL MANAGEMENT COMPANY brought in 35 to 50k low. You cannot compare a DR Horton to a custom home. Yet time and time agin this happens!!!!! Kick out the current administration and their line of thinking. Get somone to scrap the Dodd Frank or at least only keep this to track licenses, make banks play by same rules ,have all politicians derive their retirement the same way and I bet you we will find ourselves heading toward a recovery!! We are in an area that is booming with manufacturing and growth , high demand for homes yet this is the best they can do??Seriously!!

  7. Barry Habib says:

    HAHA. Thanks David. Just went for a change up. Very good comments from everyone. The action in stocks is very telling. Keep an eye on 1889 on S&P today.

  8. Where else are you going to put your money? The stock market is but ONE game, with 100's of ways to play, but certainly not the only choice. There are plenty of options, if you know what you want your money to do.

  9. Besides the interest rates data, way better looking Barry clean shaved!

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