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Barry Habib Makes Extremely Bold Prediction on Rates



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"Barry Habib Makes Extremely Bold Prediction on Rates"

  1. S JOHN MURRAY says:

    Barry I love that Fed Beer Goggles …I was just having this conversation with my operations manager this AM that now that we broke 2.25 there is virtually no resistance to 1.96 then 1.63 and watch out below. I have learned a couple things having originated since 86 one is that history and the bond market repeats or at least rhymes and never ever charge points or closing costs and do not fear a 10/1 or 7/1 arm as you simply fix it in when Fed drops rates. Love this part of the Fed Rollercoaster!!

  2. Michael Zau says:

    Barry is the man, but over hyped on the raising of rates and then we all go “YEAH! the global economy sucks and rates are going down!” We need to remember that lower rates are a result of a bad economy and that there are less buyers if there is less employment. For the past decade we have been at a negative savings rate and are more buyers coming from that pool? remains to be seen if Gen x ers, millenials, are pilfering the savings of the baby boomers to buy for the dead cat bounce of real estate appreciation. (At least in the mortality of our lives.)

  3. I agree, we will see a 2.875% 30 year conventional fixed rate in 2020. Dan Rawitch over at Ratewatch has been predicting a sub 2% 10-year for over a year.

  4. Mickey says:

    Wе placed an emphasіs on stainless steel қnives.

  5. C Warren says:

    Barry, does this mean it’s a good time to buy a Certificate of Deposit?

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