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In today’s show Barry Habib debunks a CNBC article that was down on housing.  CNBC has been on the bad side of the fence regarding housing for a long time now even though the numbers would contradict them.

Here is a link to the article that you can use in your marketing:  CLICK HERE.

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"Barry Habib Debunks CNBC Article on Housing"

  1. Juliann Mason says:

    Thank you for the great comments regarding owning vs rental.

  2. Paul Klimke says:

    So…..Irony is never far away. If you watch the video link to the article in question, you might notice that good old Quicken Loans is the banner sponsor of the page. That ain’t cheap……and it does my heart a bit good that anyone that watched the video and read the ‘NerdWallet’ article, AND if they give it serious consideration….the likelihood that they will call Quicken Loans… EVER. Got to take joy in the small things.

    Also….I agree with the other comments. This would be a great thing to pass on to agents, but not with the MM ad at the front. We don’t mind you acknowledging sponsors…..but the overly glowing reference……not so much.

    Thanks for all you do.

  3. Christopher Holmes says:

    I love Frank and Brian and love the ads for Movement Mortgage. We are a great company if you think that the idea of a faith-based company with upfront underwriting, a goal of Processing in 7 days and Closing in 1 day while partnering with real estate agents and companies is a good idea then reach out. The CFPB, FNMA, FHLMC and GNMA seem to think so. If not, stay where you are. No pressure 🙂 Ps. Barry, see you next week in Phoenix. Our real estate partners can’t wait to see you again.

  4. Michel Caron says:

    Always love your show, and watch every morning guys, but have to agree with some comments here. How do we forward videos that have these glowing recommendations for another organization in our own industry? Especially when touting some program that starts you in underwriting and claims to close that quickly? I forward your videos all the time, but this one, no way. I get that you need sponsors, but maybe a quick mention? Just a thought.

    1. Samuel Lee says:

      It’s kind of crazy, isn’t it? I totally agree. If another company was front and center, I wouldn’t want to forward that, no matter how good the other content was! Even crazier, I’m at Movement and I would agree with you! 🙂 But, hey, I did want to bring perspective to just one statement you made. We claim that we are able to close that quickly, because we actually do. I close 40 loans a month in California (of all places) with over 90% of them ready to close within 1 calendar week of triggering the app. It seems like that’s a ridiculous claim, but we do it everyday. Hopefully it will bring some interest into what we’re doing! Blessings and all my best!

  5. Leslie De Palo says:

    Buying a home is lovely if you can afford it! Yet, in my opinion, whether someone is saving more money by renting, or losing money versus buying a home is totally dependent upon on WHERE someone lives and the cost of buying a home. IF, the homes sell in the one million plus range, it is far less expensive to rent considering absolutely all of the deductions and the benefits to home ownership. Another issue can be the downpayment and without a considerable chunk of money to put down on a home, purchasing a home is not feasible. Friends of mine in St. Louis, Missouri purchased their home for $1.4MM in an upscale neighborhood and then put a lot of money into the home over five years — probably $100k. Then, they moved to Florida five years after purchasing that home and could not sell it, so, they rented it out for two years breaking even with their mortgage, taxes and insurance costs. The Renters did not take care of the home and it cost them another $50k to fix it up to put it on the market once again in order to sell it. Finally, they sold it for about $1MM. Although they had a spectacular home to live in for five years, they spent a great deal more purchasing than renting AND in this case lost a lot of money over 8 years. Is this a rare case??

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