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CNBC continues to be sour on housing as they have been for the last 6 years.  Today we have Barry Habib explaining why their reporting isn’t accurate and what to expect from tomorrow’s Fed meeting.

Here are the CNBC stories:

Fast Rising Home Prices Hit a Wall

Don’t Put Your Money in a House

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"Barry Habib Counters CNBC Housing Reports"

  1. Barry Harris says:

    As much as I agree that schools need to be teaching finance and budgeting, the process needs to start much earlier by the parents when their children are young. Waiting until one is a senior in high school is often too late as bad habits and poor decisions often have already started. This should be an ongoing conversation from the time they start getting an allowance, and letting them be responsible for their discretionary buying decisions. As they mature, additional topics can be discussed so by the time they head off to college (if that’s their choice), they should be well grounded on their Wants and Needs.

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