We don’t have a show for you today, but we’ll be back tomorrow!  As a reminder, we wanted to let you know that “same day turn times” actually DO exist, but you’ve got to work with the right company!

REMN Wholesale is that company.  Same day turn times all the time.  Got a file you need to get done quick?  Get it over to REMN Wholesale and let them work their magic!

Click on the REMN Wholesale banner on your right, or you can CLICK HERE to get started.

Have a great day and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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"Are Same Day Turn Times a Reality?"

  1. Joe Johnson says:

    Same day turn times are not just a red flag, they're an air raid siren for potential fraud. I'm not saying by any means that it's an automatic, however, the terms "please rush must have by" is a tried and true technique of the fraudsters and banksters. History proves this. Not to mention the "path of least resistance" approach.

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