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Applications have dropped last week even though rates have hit their lowest level ever.  Could this be a sign of a changing market with respect to refinances?



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"Applications Drop Despite Low Rates"

  1. Don't believe she should lose her license. Who gets to decide what is "too" offensive. I find it very, very offensive when someone, blm, says to kill cops. I find it ver offensive when someone says white people are racist just for being white. I find it offensive to be called a "cracker'. Because I find it very, very offensive, should that person lose their job?

  2. Dan says:

    I dont find this a hard decision at all – she should not lose her license. A person shouldn’t lose their ability to earn a living just for a stupid racist comment. Although I would not tolerate statements like that, as an employer, I wouldn’t necessarily fire her for a first-time offense. Of course, repeated statements or any evidence of unfair treatment of applicants based on their ethnicity or other non-relevant factors would be reason for immediate dismissal from my company.

  3. Licesnes No. But I do see her company firing her she is a reperesenative of there there standards and brand. Free speech does have some concequences. Welcome to reality.

  4. Jon Scott says:

    No She shouldn't lose her license for being an idiot. Her ignorant statement and attitude is not a crime. Freedom of speech is important even if it is the spouting of ignorance.

  5. Let's look at this for what it really is. Her comment (based off of what this show just shown) was an aggressive negative tone towards the first lady, of which is not abnormal for over half the country to feel or talk that way. What she did is inject 1 word referencing Michelle's race in the comment which in turn makes the comment racial. But is it racist? An Attorney would certainly argue it is not. When identifying with the race, the race identifier was used in the correct fashion and the race was not identified with a slur or inappropriate or offensive identifiers. Sure, the statement in whole could be considered offensive. But let's be honest here, we as a society get offended at nearly anything and everything now a days. IF this lady would have used another identifier that is a slur or inappropriate, then it's a different story. Should she have been fired? No. Should she have been reprimanded? Yes. Should she have lost a license? OMG, not at all. That is just about as crazy as it can get.

    We have politicians who say racist inappropriate material all the time and we have professional sports athletes who also go on a rant. What happens to them? They make an apology and NOTHING happens. No suspension, no loss of money, etc, etc. And the last time I checked no one has Fat Head pictures of Loan Officers in their kids bedrooms, but we do worship these sports figures and Hollywood celebs and politicians. And you can delete 33,000 emails and send classified material over an unsecured server and lie about it, get caught, and still be allowed to run for President. But we want to ruin this LO's career over that statement? Man oh man we as a society are doomed.

    If you are an LO or a Realtor, stay off of Twitter.

  6. Nate Gerard says:

    Not sure about losing her license but the business she has chosen does have laws against racist behavior in lending. Is it a stretch to think if she is racist in her private life that she could be racist in her professional life? Setting that aside though, I wouldn't want her doing loans because her comment shows she is far less likely to have skill in her profession and caring for the well being of her clients. Shouldn't we all be looking for a skilled professional who cares about the people they serve?

  7. Matt Werneke says:

    No she should not get fired or lose her license. Remember the 1st Amendment?? Was it inappropriate yes, big deal, life isn't fair, especially in politices.

  8. She should not lose her license. She didn't committ a crime. She just had poor judgement.

  9. Dawn Parker says:

    Are we ever going to move past racism? How sad this is even a topic.

  10. Don Steele says:

    However, political and personal opinion shouldn't be overlayed on how she would process a loan and do her job.

  11. Don Steele says:

    If she said this black lady or this african american then can we put it to rest? Somehow we get caught up in how it is said instead of what is said.

  12. You cannot lose your license for an act not covered by the license. Last time I looked there are no questions on making stupid inappropriate statements on the application to be an orginator… Now if she had violated any anti-discrimination acts related to lending that would be different… but when the feds discover this type of behavoir they fine… they normally do not close the business down.. probably never have. Everyone has the equal opportunity to say and/or do stupid…. otherwise we wouldn't have so many government programs to assist people…

  13. She was dumb for making the comment, but her not getting the next deal, and trying to coup with the brand of "racist" is punishment. Why should the NMLS be judge and jury for her future career. I hope she fights this there is no legal ground for the NMLS to do what they did. Do I agree with her no, but the market/clients will be the judge of his not me and it shouldn't be the NMLS either. Hopefully this is a lesson learned for others. This is exactly why I don't post about politics or social issues on facebook.

  14. did you say "cracker" lol

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