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An Open Message to NAR



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"An Open Message to NAR"

  1. Scott Gold says:

    I agree 100%…it infuriates me that NAR & CAR appeal to be doing nothing! This needs to change NOW or we should refuse to pay to be associated with them!

  2. Tony Bagley says:

    Both certified appraiser and a Realtor who, because of being too busy appraising, does not compete as a real estate agent at this time. Frank, this open letter to NAR is right on. I know you speak for me and I appreciate it. Thank you very much.

  3. Leigh says:

    Most of the ibuyer companies are also REALTORS. They are members of the Association. I’m not saying I disagree with most of what was said. I’m simply saying that it’s up to us to deal with our competition. NAR isn’t going to run a campaign against their members.

    1. Kathleen McIver says:

      Unfortunately, Leigh is correct. They are members just like you and I are. Check your Code of Ethics – you shall not speak ill of another Realtor. Also, antitrust – you can’t criticize another persons business model. Be careful how you conduct yourselves with this!

  4. All good complaints on iBuyers, but who would step up to defend NAR when the government accuses NAR of anti-trust violations for criticizing a legal (albeit expensive) business model? I am dumbfounded that the equity markets have deluged iBuyer companies with hundreds of millions of equity dollars to pursue an unprofitable business model based on buying low and selling high, but I can’t see NAR being critical of a business model just because it is expensive for consumers without exposing itself to enormous risks from government agencies.

  5. Kim Young says:

    As much as I enjoyed the rant, I have to agree with Bryon R. Schlosser and Leigh. It’s a fine line we walk.

    1. B Cooley says:

      Companies like Zillow are able to skip around anti-trust and state department of real estate laws. I called the Arizona Department of Real Estate about Zillow essentially acting as an agent for buyers and sellers, which is at least against AZ law. They told me that as long as they, as a business entity, are strictly an advertising firm only, they are not breaking any laws. This was a quite a while ago and they keep pushing whatever line they can get away with. I think they have stepped over the line some time ago. If I (or we) thought that it was fair/honest practices and was in the best interest of consumers, then yes, I think we would be in agreement. I don’t think NAR nor real estate department enforcement (or laws) are acting in the best interest of consumers.. competitors or not.

  6. gina smith says:


  7. NAR is becoming unnecessary. They provide nothing. Most people don’t know the difference between a real estate agent and “Realtor”. And the legal forms for listing and purchase agreements can be bought directly from the companies, or at least they can here in California. If NAR provides no service, why do we continue to pay them and be members?

  8. Anti-trust protects these companies. This needs activism under consumer protection rights- exposing the deception to the consumer so they understand what’s happening. States regulate the advertising laws whereas the Feds regulate consumer protection laws and enforcement. We need the FTC to step in and take this issue on.

  9. Kyle Brown says:

    Thank you! NAR you are selling us out!

  10. seth chalnick says:

    Two things:

    1. We allowed a few NAR board members to sell out our entire business model for massive personal gain, and then retire off into the sunset after opening pandora’s box by giving away our proprietary listing data to redfin and zillow. Yes redfin is a broker, but their access to RETS data as a VOW is different than our access, even different than the big boys like Reology. Those board members should be prosecuted. It’s just like hedge funds stealing the pensions of airline employees after decades of service.

    2. The same board members who sold out our business model and livelihood for personal gain, also sold out our very core identity. Why on God’s green Earth are we still advertising the “R” as if it even stands for something we still even own. Remember all the bs ethics classes about spelling REALTOR in caps? Well realtor.com is now a privately owned competitor, so seriously, WTF?

  11. John Brown says:

    Unfortunately, top heavy trade organizations have become heavy, cumbersome and much like the evolution of Unions…started out to protect, then as times changed, they protect the hierarchy first.
    The bigger question is how did they let our R website be so lame.

  12. Charlie Kentnor says:

    All of the comments so far have some validity. However, keep in mind that NAR is supposed to represent the REALTOR and his requirement to represent all parties fairly. I don’t see how the iBuyer model fits that when the client is unknowingly, for the most part, being overcharged. NAR does a sorry job of representing it’s 1.3million or so constituents when it won’t stand up to the practices of less then a dozen so called members.

  13. Beverley Branche says:

    Thank You. I have been asking the same

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