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All We Can Say About Yelp Right Now I YIKES!

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"All We Can Say About Yelp Right Now I YIKES!"

  1. robert zahn says:

    I will come back and looo forward to todays discussion.

  2. Kathleen Gallagher McIver says:

    Already dropped Premier Agent; like you, don’t kid yourself. Zillow owns dotloop – any agent that uses this esign program is in for a rude awakening. All your client’s information is in there for them to aggregate and eventually take….

  3. Danno says:

    Zillow’s earnings are out and it’s great to see a little justice…their stock is getting slammed, down 14%! Steve Eisman (fame from the movie “The Big Short”) is talking on CNBC about Zillow’s flawed busines model. Hope that extends to the other robot platforms like OpenDoor, iBuyer, etc.

  4. Real Estate is a walk in the park compared to loans???? Really?

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