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Aging in Place – The New Trend



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"Aging in Place – The New Trend"

  1. Hey Guys- What a great show… LOTS of effort, & it shows! Frank’s speech was worthy of publication! Thanks for trying hard, and succeeding, AND making it entertaining & informative AS ALWAYS-

  2. Bernie says:

    Great show – I got to see both of your beautiful faces. The show was awesome. We are finding a lot of people eligible for a reverse mortgage but their properties are over encumbered and they do not have the money to come in with to bring the balance down. Things change and hopefully this will get better

  3. Just what drugs are you guys on…exactly?

  4. Scott Johnson says:

    Just heard Wells is announcing the closure of 2 fulfilment sites, so layoffs again. It amazes me daily that banks are clueless as to why they continue to lose market share and customers. Besides most the mortgage stupid run said bank they just don’t realize they deliver terrible service, miss closings and over-all just suck. It’s so easy anyone could fix it, just not the head of a bank owned mortgage company…because they are mortgagally challenged. Look it up, mortgagally is a word, really.

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