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Our last show seems to have struck a nerve with some agents out there.  Today we share some of their comments and ad new insights to the question of aging agents and technology.

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additional comments on
"Aging Agents Let NREP Know How They Feel"

  1. You know they invented a new bra for us women over 60 years old, it's called the Sheep Dog, it rounds them up and points them in the right direction. But guess what I can still use Docusign, well some days. Even though I have one foot in the grave. 🙂 ( and yes I did plagiarize that one but not from Michelle)

  2. Bernie says:

    I know our industry has become incredibly challenging. I love getting up at 4am every morning and having purpose. I get to go and help someone achieve the American dream. I get to go to work – I have a job that pays really really well and I can take care of my family. I get to talk and meet new people every single day. How cool is my world. Yes it has all of its challenges but I would not change a single second good or bad because the alternative of living on the streets with no hope or on welfare with no shot at getting back into my industry is the equivalent in my eyes as being dead….

  3. Let's remember that the "more experienced" agents have taken the industry to where it is today. So while there may be many "old" agents out there, some of them have seen it ALL! And they have great stories. Teknowledglically advanced or not, they still know the process (yes, I just made up a word. Deal with it.). However, if they aren't getting with the times, they will be left behind and that is true for any age group.

    And since we are making old people jokes…

    "What do old people smell like?

    (shrugs his shoulders)


  4. So while I think it's an interesting data point that so many older agents will be retiring (more than likely) I think that is happening in many industries. For real estate specifically the younger generation seems to have more of a problem in communication skills. They are so entrenched in communicating via text, facebook, twitter, etc…etc…they don't know how to talk directly to a client and ask the right questions in order help them. They may do well at getting their name out there, but they don't instill confidence once they meet person to person and for the most part this is still a relationship business. Technology is great in providing information and keeping your name/brand in front of clients to help you stay in their mind when a real estate need arises, but if the relationship is not there they will likely still go to someone else, many times the person they meet at an open house they felt comfortable with (so go do those open houses young agents!). So while we do need to embrace technology, which are just more tools to learn, how do you teach someone to build relationships and good communication skills and objection handling with technology? My concern, and I have raised 9 kids, is the younger generations (under 30, maybe even under 35) does not have the same work ethic as the older generation you talk about. They expect to be successful because it's their 'right' to be successful, not because they have to work hard, start at the bottom and spend several years at that pace to build a business. They want it to happen in short order and the impatience I see I believe comes from having instant gratification with their technological tools. As our working population gets older they almost have to keep working because there is no-one wanting to step up to the plate to take over their business and we don't want to let our clients down.

    On another note, can you make those webinars available after the fact for those of us who are with clients at the time you are putting them on? I like to do my education videos at night after I'm done working as I often can't watch them during the main part of the day. I am interested in understanding the technology, but us 'old folk' do our education after what we consider working hours. 🙂

  5. Don Schmidt says:

    Hey guys, I know you rely on NAR data, but you need to dig deeper. One of the things I learned about real estate, it is very age forgiving. Let's face it, age discrimination is alive and well in the American Workplace, it is just very hard to prove, but it's there. I noticed that when I started in this business on the title side in 1987, there were a LOT of older people working the business. It's true on the mortgage and escrow side, too. I've seen people work into their 80's and 90's on the real estate side, because they CAN and WANT to. It gives them FREEDOM. I know one agent in the area that is almost 85 and she looks 20 years younger. She has a LOT of energy but is now just thinking about retiring. This is one of few industries that you can work until literally to the end of your life.

  6. As the "old" saying goes, things get better with age… but let's not throw the babe out with the bath water.. New is awesome! After all, technology is renewing our daily, mundane experiences – everyday! So let's hear it for technology, which comes from the new and let's learn to live together. I still love my parents..

  7. Brett Pavel says:

    Ha, my 12 and 14 year old daughters still come to me for all their IT questions, lol. And I am 64 years old. But honestly it is getting tougher to keep up. Pokeman maybe my Waterloo.

  8. Norma Mladineo, Realtor, Michael Saunders & Company says:

    Wher I live and work in Sarasota Florida; the vast majority of our agents are seniors, did I mentioned I’m in Florida? However, even though I’m not in that age group…yet, I work with many of them. In Sarasota 60 is the new 40 and agents here are active and healthy, very much open to learning and they understand the nature and technology road needed to remain relevant and successful; however (there’s always a but) I have also met agents that really struggle with technology and some even with health issues making the transaction or showings of homes a bit frustrating and not as efficient sometimes. As I get older I am thankful to be in an industry that is kind and welcomed to all. After the kids are gone, the spouse has passed, having a job to do, colleagues to socialize with and a reason to get up every morning, is for some, what keeps them healthy, happy and with life purpose.

  9. If I "knew all technology" I wouldn't brag that I worked 7 days and evenings!

  10. Donna Burgher says:

    It is true there are agents that have been in the business a long time that haven’t kept up on technology, because they choose not too. A lot of us are in our 50’s and 60’s grew up during the beginning of the computer age, my husband is a computer software designer and is also my real estate partner. He still designs custom software and helps me in my real estate business. We can’t judge the actions of a few.

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