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additional comments on
"Adapt or Die! Email Marketing Is Dying…"

  1. Well, I'm a 67 year old veteran Agent (for 40+ years). Not sure what a messaging app really is, but thanks for the heads up.

  2. M Gray says:

    I could not find the segment on “Respecting the psycology of Social Media” down below. can you send a link to that segment? I looked through 20 weeks of shows and may have missed it.

  3. Jack Martin says:

    I completely missed the point, I guess– You are stating the obvious but do not offer a solution or how to “adapt” to the new culture. One company suggested I buy their app to give to prospective home sellers, as if someone really wants a realtor’s app on their already cluttered smart phone. It looks like the only really effective way to generate a relationship is “old school” cold-calling or pounding on doors. Any thoughts?

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