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According to a handful of the smart guys in the industry, a recession is due within the next 12 months.



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"A Recession is Due Within the Next 12 Months"

  1. Joshua John says:

    Katherine-I doubt you’re sticking around to read comments but the definition of a recession isn’t something that is left to opinion. It is GDP growth or contraction. So it is factual that in 2009, on a quarterly basis, GDP turned from contraction to expansion, thus ending a prolonged recession. That’s not to say the total recovery did not take longer, it has, but the recession 100% ended in 2009. You’re welcome for your economics lesson for the day!

  2. Paul Carson says:

    Atta boy Evan!

  3. Jerry Robinson says:

    So, what does Barry say, recession or will the Trump Tax cuts cause the down to hit 23,000. I lived through the last recession and had some of my best months, bring it out!
    Jerry http://www.375loan.com

  4. REORealtor1 says:

    Katherine Morrison please educate yourself on the difference between a depression and a recession. The DJI went from 900+ to 1900+ under the past administration. The uncertainty in the market, propensity for this administration to start taxing anything they can in raw goods coming in (as witnessed by the soft wood tax which the Builders Association is attributing to close to $4,000 increase per house) and lack of direction is going to see a very unsteady economy. Save yourself; don’t wait for the political climate to improve your condition. There are opportunities in all markets and it’s up to us to figure it out.

  5. GARY M says:

    Been saying this since last year. even have a sticky note on the fridge. to disbelievers all we have to do and wait.

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