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Per your comments we’re taking a peek around the 2015 corner to see what may lurk ahead in 2016 with respect to the Real Estate and Mortgage business.  We also chat a bit about Jobs, Rates and Future Home Buyers.



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"A Look at 2016 Jobs Rates and Home Buyers"

  1. Guys, I thought I would let you know my team and I just closed a TRID deal in 12 days. I know some people are having issues but Guaranteed Rate has a lot of support for its sales people and teams. We have a great process that allows us to maximize our efficiency level. All of this led to us being able to do this. On average, we're closing our TRID deals in 30 days or less but have closed several in and around the 3 week timeframe.

  2. Your share buttons aren't working…i tried to tweek you

  3. I know…I tried Twerking last week…didn't work for me.

  4. I don't know about you guys but I'm moving to SoDoSoPa! Time get PC bros!

  5. Soon to be worth $3 trillion in 2016/2017.

  6. Wow, cannot even begin to imagine closing a loan in 12 days. It takes 3-4 weeks to just get an appraisal in this area!

  7. The Rediculous Interferrence of Democrats named Barney and Chris.

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