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Today we speak with Aaron VanTrojan with Geneva Financial and get at different view on easing financial reform.



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"A Different View on Easing Financial Reform"

  1. Vernon Morrison says:

    I am so tired of these blowhards wanting regulation. With licensing, none of this is needed.

    Call me and ask me how to fix easily. 614-481-6075.

    32+ years in this business, most of the regulations are BS and not needed.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. FL-MTG-BRKR says:

    I get tired of hearing the extremes from both sides, there has to be common ground in the middle. That is whats wrong, both sides stand their ground and nothing gets accomplished.
    There needs to be some regulation, I dont think anyone doubts that, but the industry is soooo over-regulated and most of it has no bearing on the consumer. I have also taken it on the chin for very minor discrepancies that had no effect on the borrower…those items need to be addressed. I mean a simple variance on verbiage on the title company fees that I have no control over, have caused files to be canceled and started all over….really????
    The 3% comp also needs to be addressed, its still not an even playing field from broker to banking channels.
    Have a great Friday everyone!!!

  3. Texas Broker says:

    Where fannie, freddie and FHA residential mortgages are concerned, the consumer has not been protected. The consumers cost have gone up by 100% ( Admin fees, Appraisal fees, title escrow fees, Origination fees etc) Consumers get denied instead of helped, The consumer cannot negotiate a better deal, There are fewer competitors to drive down cost. The regulations have insured we make double the money per loan, but on the flip side it takes 4 times the man hours to complete a loan, so everyone is a looser under the current scheme.

    There is no need for 3 day to review CD.
    There is no need for 3 days to issue an application.
    There is no need to CAP compensation, if there is competition.
    There is no need for brokers to issue Anti steer, if there is competition.

    Consumers need to know three things to make an informed decision. What is the term, What are the cost and what is the payment. With these three pieces of information, you can compare with any other lender and know if you are getting a good deal.

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