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$99 Discount Real Estate Broker?



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"$99 Discount Real Estate Broker?"

  1. Laurie says:

    Most buyers want representation, especially when it isno cost to them.Most agents will have a buyers rep agreement. I have never had a buyer want to kick in comission out of their pocket if the listing didn’t meet my comission agreement, so you know what my buyers do? They pass on that home.Smart agents get a buyers rep agreement. There will always be “for sale by owners”, but they lose a huge pool of buyers if they don’t want to pay a commission so it works both ways. Realtors who have years of experience and knowledgeable under their belt are not going to give that away. Why would or should they? Plumbers don’t, electricians don’t. Attorneys don’t either. Let sellers have their $99 listing.$99 can be EXTREMELY expensive if you don’t know what your doing. More then a good agent could ever cost.Good luck.

  2. What if the MLS’s rewrote their rules to require a listing entry fee of 1-3 percent? Would that restore the control to the full-time members while complying with spirit of antitrust law?

  3. Rob Aubrey says:

    In the state of Utah, there is a law on what services are to be provided if an Exclusive Right to Sale or an Exclusive Agency Listing Contract.

    Our MLS only permits ERS and EAL listings.

  4. steve albin says:

    do you have transcripts?

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