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Today we speak with Barry Habib about is 2016 predictions for the mortgage and real estate industry.  Considering he absolutely nailed 2015 it would be a great show to tune into.  CLICK HERE to give Barry’s MBS Highway a spin!  You’ll LOVE it!



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"2016 Real Estate and Mortgage Forecast with Barry Habib"

  1. I just listened to Barry about the stock market drop an a good year in real estate. My question is, I just wrote an offer on a vacation property and I wonder if I should go through with it. We have stocks…. Should we cash out?

  2. Irene Rositas says:

    Just heard Barry regarding bad year in stocks, I am in a equity & income mutual fund, will that be safe? I also have an aggressive fund.

  3. dan says:

    I am confused about what Barry means by a good real estate market if the inventory is at an all time low. Does he mean “good” in terms of higher prices? Because in my area I have heard for the past 2 yrs that it has been a lack of inventory and the seller’s unwillingness to reduce prices that have kept transactions down.

  4. Martha Tabares says:

    I’m a Real Estate Broker in the Washinton DC greater Area. It’s great to see how the different industries interact. And, what we’re seeing here, locally, is a lot of interest from “global” investors. Not only for commercial but also for residential real estate. This makes me wonder:
    How does our USA Real Estate Market looks like when compared to the European or Asian markets?

  5. Chris says:

    Very interesting watch… My ears perk up anytime Barry has something to say. Let’s hope the indicators are wrong…

  6. Just emailed my Financial Adviser on how much I lost these last 2 weeks and if I should move some assets to some high yield bonds? Thanks for the tip.

  7. Just emailed my Financial Adviser on how much I lost these last 2 weeks and if I should move some assets to some high yield bonds? Thanks for the tip.

  8. Brandon Steen says:

    So regarding a 401k with not a ton invested to this point, should we be maxing out contributions to buy as many shares as we can as the prices fall…or wait to max out until they hit a lower point? Thanks…great segment as always!

  9. Nita Glover says:

    Barry didn't mention that this is an election year and that the real estate market tends to be down, especially in the second half of an election year.

  10. Mark Luker says:

    Buy real estate now is what I am hearing. Retiring in the next year?…sell stocks.

  11. Ray Jones says:

    Happy Birthday Barry Habib!!

  12. Paul Zari says:

    Barry if you think the market is on it's way up you are mistaken. We are at a mini critical mass and the R.E. mini bubble we are currently in will pop. Not as big as 2008, but it will be a small correction in the market. You can not have 10% to 20% climb in RE in one year, without everything else behind it to make sure it can withstand all the elements. If the stock market went down about 25 years ago when Clinton signed a bill that allowed stocks and Real Estate to mix together then yes you would be right, but since it was signed and until they decide to put the checks and balances in between stocks and Real Estate we will not have the see saw effect and have the stock market move up or down and have the Real Estate market move in the opposite direction. Go and talk to your Senator or Congressman to get the idiotic bill or law signed by Clinton revoked so we can go back to the law or bill that was signed after the 1929 stock market crash that seperated the two things. It should be that way, but it is not. We should be able to guess that when the stock market goes up then we invest in Real Estate, when the stock market goes up we invest in stocks. It was nit that hard, but now everything is hard and you can never know when things will be good temporarily or good for a longer amount of time. We just came out of the second worst economy since the 1929 crash. We need to make sure we correct everything before we can make bold statements to tell people that the Real Estate market is the way to invest. I am in the Mortgage industry, so for you to say the Real Estate market is going great and will continue will be a great thing for me and my business, but I want to make sure the American public knows it is not that simple and regardless of how much money I can make. It will not be at the expense of the fellow Americans.

  13. Barry Habib says:

    Thank you Paul. While nobody knows for sure, I feel the factors are in place for a 5-6% rise in national Real Estate prices. Of course, this will vary by location.

  14. Barry Habib says:

    Historically, there is not a very strong correlation with election years.

  15. Barry Habib says:

    I feel that some of the damage has already been done for stocks. And I am not saying to sell everything. I do think that there is further lower to go. But I'd only suggest some adjustments, not wholesae changes at this point.

  16. Barry Habib says:

    Thank you my friend

  17. Michael Borodinsky says:

    Global events continue to pressure the domestic activity. The irony here is we would normally see a spike in Oil and in precious metals. Global deflation rules the day for now. Weird science. Barry is always a great prognosticator. Fully agree with his comments.

  18. Scott Layden says:

    Barry – since you've gone to mostly cash in December (something I was consdering but didn't pull the trigger, and now that the market has done what it's done the last few weeks, are you still on the sell side? I have some highly inflated stocks (financial companies I invested in as startups that I held through going public and getting acquired) that have lost avg 22% from recent highs….does one ride it back up, or sell and wait? Thanks, Scott

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  20. Bill Janiga says:

    Thanks for the information. Being a local realtor and real estate investor, I find it helpful when speaking with clients to have as much information as possible. It does not make me an expert by any means but it does allow me to have a more intelligent conversation.

  21. Don Schmidt says:

    Thanks, Barry! Always look forward to what you have to say.

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  23. Claire Huckfeldt says:

    I do not see a reply from Mr. Habib on the comment I posted on Dec 9, 2016 Mr. Habib, can you give me a referral or can you help in a matter where Bank of America did not make a claim to the Private Mortgage Insurance that had all up front premiums paid for the life of my 30-year mortgage? BOA ALSO REFUSED TO GIVE ME THE POLICY CARRIER AND NUMBER. I would not have taken the mortgage without the insurance. Victor Trezic of Countrywide told me that CWide would make a claim if necessary and they did not and I was run into two illegal foreclosures, although I got the first one rescinded. I sued Bank of America as a Pro Se party in Denver’s US District Court, and I am the only one in the nation to complete a law suit with them up to that time, in 2010 – 2011; however, that was about their collection co’s illegal foreclosure proceedings . There has to be SOME recourse. PLEASE HELP ME AGAIN! :r]Claire Leigh Huckfeldt of Denver, CO 720.581.6181

    1. admin says:

      Charlie, I don’t think Barry can help with this matter. This is better dealt with by an attorney from your area.

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