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The title is right.  You’ll just have to tune and and see what we’re talking about.  It’s true, there is a place where you can get actually get, if you’re a criminal that is, $1,000 a month to NOT kill anyone.



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"$1,000 a Month to NOT Kill Anyone?"

  1. We pay farmers not to farm…. we pay fishermen not to fish…. what's the problem here? If it moves, tax it…. if doesn't move… subsidize it!

  2. Tracy Ginna says:

    Maybe you should check what area actually consists of Silicon Valley?

  3. Janice Peterson says:

    Seems you guys don’t know where Silicon Valley is.

  4. I read about this, the people that don't kill anyone in anyway get an extra bonus. They get $1,300 a month and paid vacations.

  5. I think you may have missed the point!

  6. I think you may have missed the point!

  7. Tom Taylor says:

    I’m from North Carolina. We don’t pay people not to kill, we just lock people out of bathrooms.

  8. Mike C says:

    What’s new? Hillary (i did not have textual relations with that server – not one time) believes that trying to legally avoid paying the highest taxes on the planet is unpatriotic.

  9. Joan Harris says:

    Stupid is as Stupid Does

  10. Ann Wilkins says:

    Guys – please do more research. Richmond, similar to Oakland, is a large town with delightful neighborhoods and then …not so delightful. Guess what …it is where the poor people live, so lets beat up on them for not working hard and going to college and moving out of the area. Considering it cost $47,000 a year to incarcerate someone in CA – maybe the $12,000 is a good use of money. This program has been going on for a while – over 8 years… murder rates have dropped by 77%

  11. Mariano Alan says:

    Hmmm…. That means you could effectively pay someone $500.00 (who is still killing people) to do the job for you…. and you would be adding to the work force. Boooom!!! two birds with one stone.

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