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Zillow-Trulia Possible Antitrust Case?

July 29, 2014 FHA/HUD, Trulia, Zillow 52 Comments
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There is some rumbling about a possible antitrust case with the Zillow-Trulia merger.

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monopolyman1Now on to the show.  You’ll be amazed how much the out-going HUD Secretary and the incoming look like Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro… Just sayin…  Anyway on to other things.  There is some rumbling about an antitrust issue with the Zillow/Trulia merger.  Some folks, like us, think there might be some kind of monopoly at hand here with what’s really a third of the US economy.  Hey don’t get us wrong we think we could all learn a thing or two from Zillow and Trulia.  They’ve boldly gone where no site has gone before, but are they leaving real estate agents in their wake?  Time will tell and we’ll see how this unfolds, but tune in to see what other thoughts we have on the matter.

You all have a nice day!

Frank and Brian

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  • Paul Johnson

    They can’t show what they don’t have. Don’t allow them access to you listings Realtors. Is this the end of the MLS? Berkshire Hathoway pulled out!

    • REORealtor1

      The quality of buyers that come from my fellow Realtors and the quality that come off the internet are totally two different animals. First preferred. I have stopped feeding the IDX on my listings. At the moment everything is moving so fast I don’t need to.

  • http://www.choosebobby.com Robert Ashburner

    Agreed. . . Turn off the spigot. . . Then each local MLS will need to learn how to help agents push thier listings to the market first locally and then nationally and as the property commands international. . . The National Association of Realtor’s needs to push and develop a channel for both real estate agents and Realtor’s. . . Much like mortgage brokers and lenders need to be on the same page. . . Under the same rules. . .

  • Sam450

    This is text book Nationalizing of an Industry and since NAR is already established AFFH, Data Mining and the Sustainable Housing project will fall in place if this nonsense continues.
    And yes, you are correct, no real need for today’s traditional style Realtor or Lender for that matter..

  • robaubrey

    If you think what an agent does is post signs, place listings in the mls. Then you are not qualified to report information.

  • robaubrey

    As far as 3.5 trade One group owned about 33% of both, I forget the exact numbers. So they traded themselves paper

  • Obion’s Opinion

    Now you will find out how much influence NAR and Zillow can buy in Washington. Good time for Realtors and affiliates to renew and increase their political action contributions.

  • Realtor for Life

    I find it odd that as Realtors we cannot share some information in advertising because it is proprietary MLS information, but we give it to the mining sites. I would get fined if I used information in a certain way, but give the MLS’s a few dollars and ‘not’ be licensed and you have free reign.

  • http://helpsellmycahouse.com Tracey Thomas

    If we don’t give them the listings, they can just become a brokerage…think Redfin and Zip….on steroids.

  • Tom Smith

    RE/MAX and others need to get out of bed with Zillow! Stop giving them the feeds!!!!

  • Mike

    NAR has to know they are feeding all this info to Zillow, no? The question is then, if they know, which they must, why aren’t they doing anything about it?

    • REORealtor1

      Stop the IDX feed and keep control of your own listings.

  • T.J.

    Since 95% of my business does not come from internet leads this is not as bad as it looks. I’m still in a personal referral business. As much as I have tried to do internet marketing including leads I receive from people looking on Zillow or Trulia 95% of my closed deals come from actual people referred to me from actual customers. Most of the contacts and calls I get from the internet are garbage so I’m not so sure that controlling 90% of the garbage leads gives them any great advantage. The only advantage they can get right now is by scaring realtors and mortgage lenders into paying them for their garbage leads. I wish you guys would stop helping them scare everyone! We are all still in control of our own destinies. As far as MLS’s not feeding info to other businesses operating websites the Federal Government just won a lawsuit against my MLS Realcomp which is forcing us to provide info to our competitors and we are all being assessed an additional legal fee to cover the costs of fighting the case. The Federal Governments position seems to be that even though we gathered all the info and we have to pay a fee to belong and participate in our MLS, we still have no right to keep it for ourselves and must sell it to all comers! What a crock!

  • John Benevides

    Wait a minute! Do we really think that Zillow or Trulia is going to take away the role of the Realtor? If you think that posting a listing on a national web site is the end all be all for a seller to sell their house, then your a Realtor that is not very good or don’t do much business at all. Probably both! At our firm, we see ourselves almost on par with a law firm. We provide professional guidance and advice and negotiation every step of the way. We get 6% every time and don’t shy away. We have more clients rolling in just based on referrals than we almost can handle. Both on the listing and selling side. Did Legal Zoom end the era of the local attorney? I don’t think so! I agree, we shouldn’t be feeding Zillow/Trulia our hard earned listings, but we also don’t fear change; we embrace it and will use it to compliment our way of doing business if necessary.

    • tweedle

      Nice Ad! I wouldn’t hire you, primarily, because this isn’t your space to advertise. Ethics are important.

  • Terry Day

    The reason that Zillow is so big is because NAR has not done their job right. They held all the resources and failed to build the web side of the industry. Very typical of a large cumbersome organization that felt they were unbeatable. NAR needs to step up and start running this side like an aggressive internet business. If and when this happens Realtors will be able to support their organization easily. I use Zillow and until their is a better option I won’t stop.

  • Micha-el Harbert

    The industry is headed for a new Tru-Low… Zillow is dependent upon relationship via their partnership platforms with local MLS’s. Agreed information must be limited, anti-trust may be the subject if the Collective agree to turn off the stream … and explain this to a Seller who wants FULL coverage for their property… exposure not the limiting of it could be construed to be in their best interests… What if a brokerage did not belong to a local MLS… private exposure may still sell the home BUT will it command the same price and sell in the same time frame…I think not.

  • John McCormick

    Good looking kids!

  • John McCormick

    Another way to look at this question is to think of possible
    results. Will the lawyers get rich settling disputes between the do
    it yourselfers? Will the county recording office refuse half of the
    submissions? Will the person who balks at using an RE agent also get squeamish
    at the thought of giving the title co their due? Will the entire nation return
    to the days that an RE law firm handled the whole transaction? Will RE agents become glorified taxi drivers to obtain clients? Will the best, most lucrative, service to render be placing signs for FISBO’s?

    • Mike L

      Isn’t that what lawyers always do, cause as many problems as possible and charge as much as possible to fix those problems. Using the law to rip people off, donating tons of money to democrats to pass laws that help them when dems are in power and block laws that hurt when Repubs are in power. The true definition of organized crime.

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