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The Hottest Looking People in Banking

July 31, 2014 Bank of America, Big Banks, Frank & Brian Stuff 3 Comments

What company has the “best hiring practices” in the industry?  Well there’s actually a site that has this data and of course, we checked it out.

We know it’s weird to tell you when we have someone that wants to quit Listing Booster, but the stories are so amazing we can’t help but share them.  Just to let you know we have a cancellation rate at Listing Booster of only 3% which is almost unheard of, so we don’t get many cancellations.  Most of the cancellations we get are impulse buyers that never take the time to go in and works the system, but once in a while we get a fun one.  We have a user that has had the system for 6 months that has gotten over 200 leads.  Leads of which the user admittedly says have lead to closings.  Why someone would quit that we can’t fathom, but we will say this – If you want to get Listing Booster and sock in a couple hundred leads real quick and then quit, feel free.  To get more information on how Listing Booster works – CLICK HERE.

mjaxms1motyxndu2yjuxyjdmmwqyNow on with the show, and keep in mind today’s show isn’t only about hot people in banking.  There is some other more industry worthy information for your consumption.  But we found if funny to learn about the site Hinge.co – yes that’s dot “co” not dot com.  Hinge is for professional people to meet each other.  The interesting thing is that they track all kinds of data.  For example, which bank has the hottest people?  Which bank had the least “picky” people?  Yeah, stuff like that.  So naturally we had to determine which company had the hottest, least picky people which we did.  The answer is inside, so you’ll have to tune in to see.  Hey come on, it’s a fun way to start your real estate or mortgage day – admit it.

With that you all have a great day and we’ll see you tomorrow.

Frank and Brian

  • Sam450

    It only makes sense for those Banks to have the hottest personnel. After all you wouldn’t want some ordinary dumpy person testifying on your behalf when the indictments go down and you have them appear in court.

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