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Outrageous Internal HUD Activities Discovered

August 1, 2014 Uncategorized 18 Comments

So we found some recently released HUD investigation documents that are both disturbing and, if you’re like us, a little funny.

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XXX Surfing at WorkNow let’s get down and dirty with HUD.  Well, it appears there was a bit of an investigation on HUD’s Minnesota office and some pretty dirty stuff came out.  I looks as though some men were, uh, well, “surfing” on the internet looking at, well, uh, stuff that could be considered inappropriate.  As you would expect, some of the ladies in the office didn’t appreciate it and there ya go.  A formal complaint and investigation got started and we have the details.  Hey it’s Friday, what do you want?  So tune in, enjoy the show and then go and enjoy your weekend!

Catch you guys Monday,

Frank and Brian

  • Sam450

    Actually these researchers were trying to match up pictures to the porn HUD and CFPB try to pass off as legislation.


    Was this material available to the HUD employees on their hard disk or on the floppy disk? Just saying…

  • Pray Hard

    Was this supposed to be humorous?

  • NoThanksGuest

    Bureaucrats … are just supposed to take up space, and are not supposed to actually produce anything, other than more ‘work’, so the budget can be increased the following year….

    Just like you can’t fix stupid, and you can’t shrink .guvmint. You need to reboot it, and start ‘clean’.

  • imoutahere

    Boys will be boys, huh? And just shut up because everyone
    does it? Your acceptance of this behavior is nauseating. The reason that
    someone got ‘caught’ watching porn, is because they wanted to be caught. It’s a
    type of sexual harassment which is against the law (duh). The reason the whistle
    blowers are not named is because they are scared of retaliation. I physically
    felt ill watching this. You have no idea what it’s like to be treated like a
    piece of meat in a work place you have no idea what it’s like to be scared of
    your co-workers. Just how drunk were you when you came up with this idea?

    • Perfparjer

      OMG – The outrage is too much.

  • Ann Wilkins

    Don’t know about your work place but cubicles are open and it is pretty darn easy to catch a glimpse of someone’s computer screen – especially if it is naked butt or giant breasts. In addition, many of the creepers who view online pornography during office hours actually want women to see it. Can’t tell you how many times pornography would pop up on shared computers (back in the 1990′s before business blocked it) and the guys would have a good laugh. The computers were Booby Trapped so to speak. There is probably a sexual harassment suit tied to this so not only is the taxpayer (us) paying for work not done but we are paying for the harassment lawsuit.

  • rain

    Thanks for sharing your misogyny for the day.

  • George

    I am appalled that they young robust men would be looking at a porn site.at work.
    what is this world coming to.. The Nerve!!. I am so disgusted that I am going to Vegas to get over this shocking incident….

  • Micha-el Harbert
  • Appraiser Annie

    If it’s not porn, it’s Youtube or Facebook… all on our $$$. Gotta love it!

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