CFPB Aims Sights at Real Estate Offices

Well it’s here.  There is a class action lawsuit for $11.2 million against a large real estate company for RESPA violations. NAR can’t really do anything about this one.  Long & Foster Real Estate is on the short end of the stick with regards to a huge RESPA lawsuit.  They’re …

Another Chase Banker Dies

There absolutely has to be something going on at Chase right now as yet another executive takes his life by jumping 30 stories to his death. Last week we reported that high level investment execs have been killing themselves.  Two of those guys were from Chase and now yet another …

Bitcoin Allowed by Real Estate Firm

Manhattan Real Estate Firm, Bond New York, is now accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment when buying a home. What is Bitcoin?  Have you ever heard of it?  Well it’s money.  It’s money that has no regulation that’s virtually on-line.  Bitcoin is really taking off and it’s no surprise …

Success is Easy as Performing a Quadruple Bypass

Success is Easy as Performing a Quadruple Bypass.  All you have to do is apply yourself. As we approach the beginning of the new year we are leaning more toward motivational, or inspirational thoughts on the show.  Don’t worry though, if anything catastrophic occurs in the industry we’ll let you …

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CFPB Employees Rake in BIG BUCKS

We have no problem with people making money.  But the CFPB, the unregulated regulator, pays well.  REALLY REALLY well.

Housekeeping items today – AllRegs!  If you work for or run compliance for a depository lender, AllRegs has got ALL of your CE requirements together for you in one concise library.  To get your depository compliance mojo going with AllRegs – CLICK HERE.  And as always, we wan to remind you that Listing Booster is boosting career’s and relationships!  If you need more purchase business and more solid real estate agent relationships, you need Listing Booster.  To register for a webinar that fits your schedule CLICK HERE and get started!

Over paid executiveNow on to the show!  Ya know… if you’re a little broke right now.  You should really look into getting a job at the CFPB.  The amount of money those guys make is off the charts.  You could probably start at $80k a year doing, well, anything.  Then if you go for a job that takes a little bit of experience or specialty knowledge, you’ve hit the mother load.  Just tune in and see.  It’s not surprising that the unregulated regulator pays the best salaries in the country right?  Oh and here’s another nugget for you.  They’re gathering info on you.  Yes.  You.  Have you ever done anything financially in the USA?  You’re on their list.  They’re going back just about 20 years and learning as much as they can about you – everything.  Why?  Because… uh… who freaking knows why, but they feel they need it and it’s in your best interest.  We’d tell you to complain about it, but there’s no one you can complain to that can do anything about it.  Sleep tight tonight.

Ah, but who cares right?  We’ve got business to do and we’ve got lives to live.  So shake it off, wave them the finger and go our there and be the best you can be today.  We still live in the greatest country in the world, so let’s take advantage of it.

Have a great day!

Frank and Brian

Typical Crazy Government Math

According to the government, Fannie and Freddie either made $181 billion or they lost $19 billion.  Pretty close right?

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CompetitionOn today’s show we’ve got some very interesting information from a recent Gallup Poll regarding home ownership and what the public thinks about it.  We’ll let you tune in to see what’s up.  It’s great information for your marketing efforts so don’t miss it.  Also on the agenda is this whole matter of the government not being able to agree on what Fannie and Freddie has made, or cost, the American people.  On the one side their saying it’s come at a cost of $19 billion.  On the other side it’s come at a profit of $181 billion.  Only our American Government can come up with this stuff while keeping a straight face.  It’s math man.  Well there’s an angle that some have which would translate to a loss, but of course it’s total BS.  We’ll let you tune in and see for yourself.

With that you all have a great day and we’ll see you tomorrow.

Frank and Brian

The Dirty Truth Behind FHA MI Hikes

FHA has raised it’s MI 5 times over the past 3 years, and when they took their bailout it was for their MI fund.  You’ll be shocked as to the reason why.

First let’s get to our daily housekeeping.  Let’s start by saying that we hope you all had a great Easter weekend.  Now, if you’re not doing Home Path and Home Styles loans on Fannie Mae properties you’re missing out on a great money maker and a wonderful marketing tool.  REMN Wholesale has got you totally  covered.  Not only will they fund the products for you, but they’ll show you how they work.  CLICK HERE to let them help you with it all start to finish.  Next in line, Listing Booster of course!  Our Listing Booster clients are literally snatching up the real estate agents in their area and generating hot purchase leads with them together.  It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s automated in most areas.  CLICK HERE to register for a Listing Booster webinar that fits your schedule today and get started before your real estate agents are working with someone else!

rob peter to pay paulNow on to the show!  How do you think the American people who contribute to Obama Care would feel if they found out that the money they were paying was being spent on improving highways, or subsidizing tax cuts?  We’ve got a feeling they wouldn’t be too happy about it, and for good reason right?  Well, that’s not happening with Obama Care (at least not that we know of) but it IS happening with the FHA MI fund that was recently replenished by a bail0ut.  Now, the money wasn’t used for improving highways, but how about subsidizing tax cuts?  Hmmm… We’ll let you tune in and see.  The result is higher MI that seems to be continually on the rise which is coming at the cost of low to moderate income families being left in the cold when it comes to home ownership.

Again, tune in and watch for all the details, and have a wonderful day!

Frank and Brian

Things are Looking Up in Real Estate

2 million homeowners have “moved above water” when it comes to equity in their homes.  That’s great news, but what’s it mean to you?

Home with EquityBefore we get started lets get our housekeeping in order.  MGIC’s mobile app is a great way to get accurate MI quotes on the fly so CLICK HERE to get it.  Listing Booster is going strong my friends, real strong.  Why?  Because it’s an awesome way to get purchase business and build solid realtor relationships.  If you want to see a webinar that fits your schedule CLICK HERE!

Now on to the show.  Well how about this.  It’s Friday, push the play button and check it out.

Have a great weekend!

Frank and Brian

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