CFPB Aims Sights at Real Estate Offices

Well it’s here.  There is a class action lawsuit for $11.2 million against a large real estate company for RESPA violations. NAR can’t really do anything about this one.  Long & Foster Real Estate is on the short end of the stick with regards to a huge RESPA lawsuit.  They’re …

Another Chase Banker Dies

There absolutely has to be something going on at Chase right now as yet another executive takes his life by jumping 30 stories to his death. Last week we reported that high level investment execs have been killing themselves.  Two of those guys were from Chase and now yet another …

Bitcoin Allowed by Real Estate Firm

Manhattan Real Estate Firm, Bond New York, is now accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment when buying a home. What is Bitcoin?  Have you ever heard of it?  Well it’s money.  It’s money that has no regulation that’s virtually on-line.  Bitcoin is really taking off and it’s no surprise …

Success is Easy as Performing a Quadruple Bypass

Success is Easy as Performing a Quadruple Bypass.  All you have to do is apply yourself. As we approach the beginning of the new year we are leaning more toward motivational, or inspirational thoughts on the show.  Don’t worry though, if anything catastrophic occurs in the industry we’ll let you …

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Things are Looking Up in Real Estate

2 million homeowners have “moved above water” when it comes to equity in their homes.  That’s great news, but what’s it mean to you?

Home with EquityBefore we get started lets get our housekeeping in order.  MGIC’s mobile app is a great way to get accurate MI quotes on the fly so CLICK HERE to get it.  Listing Booster is going strong my friends, real strong.  Why?  Because it’s an awesome way to get purchase business and build solid realtor relationships.  If you want to see a webinar that fits your schedule CLICK HERE!

Now on to the show.  Well how about this.  It’s Friday, push the play button and check it out.

Have a great weekend!

Frank and Brian

Realtor Gets Slapped for 8% Commission

In a world where lenders commissions are micro regulated, real estate agents seem to be off the radar.  Well, they are for the most part but sometimes even they get snagged.

Housekeeping items first.  Pretty easy today.  Geneva Financial is expanding and they are looking for branch managers and loan originators.  They have a lot to offer.  They offer weekly pay, you can bank the deal or broker it – same to you, no penalty for brokering, and you can work from home or from the office just and a whole lot more.  Click HERE to see why they are an excellent lender to work for and with.

Now on to the show.  We’ve got a few stories for you today, all of which are interesting and have our typical NREP flare.  So tune in and enjoy, you’ll be glad you did.

slapped rrealtorAt any rate for a preview, real estate agents are getting slapped for commissions that are too rich.  Who’s slapping them?  No one of consequence but it doesn’t matter because they’re still having their commission regulated.  This is really interesting because it’s a situation where the industry is policing itself rather than the good old Government.  Kind of nice for a change, although the real estate agent in question probably wouldn’t agree.

So tune in and catch the news.  Be sure to leave us your comments and do us a favor and forward today’s show to anyone you feel would appreciate it. Have a great day and we’ll see you tomorrow.

Frank and Brian

New App Takes Anxiety Out of Home Buying? Yeah Right…

Encompass says their attack wasn’t an attack, you can bid for homes on line starting at $1,000 and there’s an app that’s supposed to take the anxiety out of the home buying experience.  Rather than explain it all today we’ll let you tune in because we need to make room for the form below.

The form below is for our real estate partners out there who want to get started with Listing Booster but have yet to find a Listing Booster loan officer.  Fill it out and we’ll connect you!

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Finding the Hidden Edge to get the Listing

April 15, 2014 CFPB, GSE's, Marketing 4 Comments

Listings are the gems of real estate and being the agent to get them is key.  Today we have a little known secret that real estate agents can put in their “get the listing toolbox”.

First things first, let’s get the housekeeping in order.  If you’re a company that works internet leads, you’ve got to check out LoanTek. They won’t stick you into a contract that you can’t get out of because they know you’ll be completely satisfied with their turn key system that will track your leads from origination to closing.  CLICK HERE to learn more about them.  Loan officers… you need purchase leads and that’s what Listing Booster gets you.  In fact to all of our existing Listing Booster members you can use this show as a talking point to break the ice with a real estate agent, get an appointment with them and then show them the awesome benefits of partnering with you on Listing Booster.  To register for a webinar that fits your schedule, CLICK HERE.

edging out the competitionNow on the the show.  There was some heated discussion going yesterday about the content of our show.  Some said we were wrong about our opinion.  Naturally, we think we’re right so we took some time today to further explain how these fines being paid by servicer’s are making their way down to the rate sheets.  Rest assured if a lender is getting fined in any way on a consistent basis, it’s going to make it to the rate sheet.  But tune in and see what we have to say and go ahead and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, we appreciate them as do all our viewers.

In today’s show we also go over something we learned at a lunch we had recently with a couple of real estate agents and a home warranty rep.  We won’t spoil it, but it was interesting enough for us to put it in the show.  In real estate everyone knows that he who has the listing is king, and these days it’s more true than ever.  So when it comes to making the listing presentation, having a well stocked “get the listing toolbox” is key.  Well tune in to see what we found for you.  We’re confident many real estate agents don’t use this tool primarily because they simply don’t know they can use it.  So check it out and loan officers, be sure to forward today’s show to your real estate partners.  They’ll appreciate it.

With that you all have a wonderful day and we’ll see you tomorrow.

Frank and Brian

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